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Lego Chima Crug Minifigure

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Chima Crug Minifigure


Start building with the Chima Crug Minifigure . The special features include weapon and minifigure. It weighs approximately 1 lbs. Online you can access a great deal of sources and information to enable you to make the right buy. Chima Crug Minifigure . For more information on this Lego set, check out the market button on this site.

Crug is Cragger's lead Thug."He's just big, strong, and blindly obedient. Despite his volatile and dangerous nature, he sleeps using a stuffed Teddy-Bear-like frog he calls,"Mr. Flipper Lovey. He never questions his orders. He just plows ahead with whatever insane task Cragger requests of him.


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