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Lego Chima 70013 Equila's Ultra Striker

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Chima 70013 Equilas Ultra Striker
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Package Quantity: 1

Start building with the Chima 70013 Equila's made by Lego®! I definitely liked that the item had the feature of activate the ejection system and escape from the sky!. Additional features consist of fire the eagle rocket shooters!. It's 10.31"H x 15.04"L x 2.22"W. It has got a weight of 1.43 lbs. New Chima 70013 Equila's . If you want a great deal for this Lego set, click on our store link on this site.

Test out Equila's Ultra Striker and protect the magical CHI! Equila, the great warrior and weapons specialist Eglor are on leading of their game, but they really must be ready to defend its CHI energy when master hunter Wilhurt spots it! Take Equila's high-tech Ultra Striker for the ultimate test drive! Make sure the crafty wolf goes back to his cave empty-pawed! Includes 3 minifigures and assorted weapons. Unleash the power with every of the Eagle tribe's awesome battle machine featuring massive rubber tracks, massive opening wings, double eagle rocket shooters, front claws for clearing tracks at the same time as a cool ejection system!


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