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Lego Chima 70109 Whirling Vines

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70109 Whirling Vines
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LEGO Chima

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This item is somewhat popular! You ought to order the children a 70109 Whirling Vines a fun Lego set. I really liked that the product had includes a chi weapon and a standard weapon hit the column to knock the chi from the nest battle for 6 chi. It's dimensions are 1.42"H x 10.04"L x 9.06"W. It has a weight of 0.45 lbs. Lowest price 70109 Whirling Vines , add to cart by clicking on the link below.

LEGO Chima Whirling Vines Race via the overgrown jungles of Chima to win the CHI in the Whirling Vines Speedorz challenge! 42"x 10. Attach the power-up for even more stability or leave a slippery banana-skin obstacle for your opponents! As you speed by indicates of the jungle, dodge the whirling vines inside the deadly carnivorous plant and survive its sharp fangs to get by implies of the gate to the CHI! Includes minifigure, 2 weapons, Speedor, ripcord, power-up, 6 CHI and 5 game cards. 04"x 9. Put your expertise of accuracy and timing to the test with this game for 1 or much more players! Attach Gorzan onto the gorilla Speedor and pull the ripcord! 06"Recommended Ages: 6-12 years Product Measures: 1.


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